My Projects

React Dictionary Project

My latest project, built with React. The dictionary uses an API to search for almost any English word, then displays the pronunciation and meanings, as well as examples and synonyms (when available). A second API is used to fetch images related to the word.
Screenshot of dictionary
React Weather App

I combined my previous experience of building a JavaScript weather app with my React knowledge to build this weather app using React components. Through the use of either the search engine or current location feature, the app uses an API to display the current weather for any city in the world. It uses the map() function to render forecast data from the API, and an external component for the animated weather icons.
Screenshot of weather app
JavaScript Weather App

This weather app was built with advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also learned, and put into practice, additional skills such as Bootstrap, APIs, professional work-flow (including GitHub), and hosting. The user can find the weather for their city either by using the search engine, or the app's current location feature. I chose to add an extra feature allowing the user to change the colour theme of the app, through JavaScript functions. This is an early project, completed before I learned responsive development techniques.
Screenshot of weather app
React Calculator

A calculator app built using React, Flexbox, and Math.js.
Screenshot of calculator
Responsive Portfolio website

This website is the result of a Responsive development course, and I thoroughly enjoyed designing and coding it. As well as further advancing my skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and development work-flow, I also learned how to code responsive and SEO-friendly websites.
Screenshot of portfolio website